File Encryption

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Encryption applications


We have different applications that use file encryption on our computers. We have applications that are used to protect the files stored on our hard drives or other media, or to protect the data while being transmitted. These applications can do one or both this functions. Most of this applications that use encryption have to be specific for encrypting or decrypting data, such as Windows Encrypting File System, PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) or TrueCrypt.

There are also some other technologies that aren't programs per se, but they are technologies that are used to maintain encryption. Two of those for example are Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and HTTPS. Those technologies are used to secure encrypted sessions, when we have an internet session like buying something from internet. SSL and HTTPS are used to encrypt that data while transmitted over the internet.

Some file encryption programs are not used to actually encrypt the data but they are encryption-aware, those programs can use data that is encrypted or decrypted. For instance, an email program, which can be used to send and receive an encrypted data, or any modern web browser, which can use SSL connection for SSL secured web sites, than Authentication programs like those which are used to log in to your Operating System, File transfer programs (Secure FPT) and many others. You may not, and in most cases will not be aware that those programs use, or deal with encryption in the background.


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